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Campayn for iPhone (App)

          Access your reports and add contacts to your email lists while on the go. Keep Campayn in your pocket and see who’s viewing your emails, clicking on links and sharing your marketing emails. Adding contacts … Continue reading

Getting Started with Campayn Email Newsletters

We just updated out Quickstart video. It’s perfect for anyone who recently signed up and covers all the important stuff in about 5 minutes. It includes completing your account setup, customizing the look of your theme, uploading contacts and photos … Continue reading

Giving Your Brand Personality – The Story of Ringo and

Giving your brands personality – making them more like people – is nothing new. Companies do it all the time. Apple did it very literally with their Apple Guy vs PC Guy ads, Twitter with the little blue bird, and … Continue reading

Thank You to Our Customers

We mentioned in our previous post that it is important to say Thank you to your customers. We wanted each one of you to know that we appreciate the part you play in our business. Without you, we would only … Continue reading

E-Mail Marketing – Holiday Style

Even though Black Friday sales were not quite what brick-and-mortar stores had hoped they would be, online companies’ sales increased over last year’s sales. With that being said, we hope that you are adequately prepared to reach out to your … Continue reading

7 Things I Learned While Building

I started designing the Campayn pages back in June of 2011. I learned a lot along the way, and I wanted to summarize some of the most important things I discovered during the process. Keep in mind that this is … Continue reading