Double Opt In, Lightbox Forms and Calendar blocks

So, we’ve been keeping busy and we’ve realized we haven’t given our users a heads up on the new features yet. We have added a lot since our last feature update, but we think the following 3 features stand out the most.

Double opt-in for a cleaner list

The hands-down best way to have a clean list is to enable Double Opt-in. But it is also a very agressive way of handling this. Due to the nature of email, turning Double Opt-in (or “DOI” for short) on for an existing list is an easy way to reduce your legitimate subscriber count to a fraction of the original.

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Top 5 reasons why email will continue to dominate customer experience and engagement.

Did you know that over 90% of customers chose to stay in touch with a business by opting-in via email newsletter rather than a social media channel such as Facebook? Nope. We didn’t either. But that’s not really that surprising either. Email usage is constantly rising and we’re spending more and more of our waking minutes in our inboxes. It’s a vehicle that moves not only our personal lives forward but also our work lives. And when it comes to interacting with businesses online as a consumer, email is, simply put, king of the hill. We sign in with our email addresses, we create wish lists with them, we receive order confirmations with them, we keep track of shipment notifications with them, and when shit hits the fan, email drives the majority of our customer service experiences because everything else preceding it has been through your inbox at one point or another.

But what about businesses? What other advantages does email provide that other tools such as social media can’t or don’t? Why should businesses continue to leverage email (and enhance the email experience) when customers are becoming more acquainted to omni-channel support and service?

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5 Tips to Keep Your Transactional Emails out of the Junk Folder

With most of the focus going to marketing emails it’s easy to forget another important type of emails and their deliverability rates – Transactional email. By this I mean communicational emails like “Order Confirmation” or “Important Account Update”.

Compared to marketing emails, the open rates tend to be a much bigger deal with transactional emails, since these are usually very important messages for your users and customers. There are several simple things you can do to help these stay out of the Junk folder.

1. Use a separate IP for your transactional emails

Yes, I know you take great care to keep your marketing emails relevant and performing well, and I’m sure don’t send spam, but the spam filter may disagree. If your marketing emails get ignored, it might hurt your overall deliverability, at least for that contact, and at most, for that ESP.

It’s important to keep your marketing campaigns separate from your crucial client communication, so start with using a separate IP address.

2. Don’t forget the Unsubscribe links

ESPs are pretty strict on this one, and may just flat out move you to the Junk folder if you don’t give ALL of your recipients opt-out links.

This one is a common mistake. Although you may think that your users wouldn’t want to unsubscribe from your notifications, you would think wrong. My suggestion is to have the unsubscribe link take them to a Notifications Settings center, where they can manage what kind of transactional emails they get from you.

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13 Tips to Avoid Spam Filters and Get Maximum Email Deliverability Rates

campayn email delivery

All too often companies neglect current customers and focus on pursuing fresh leads. That may turn out to be a costly mistake, especially considering that it is five times more expensive to find new customers, than keep existing ones. On top of that…

1. If you are able to increase your costumer retention rate by a mere 5%, the profits of the company may go up by 75%, according to Bain and Co.

2. The Pareto rule is true as it ever was: 80% of your success (read: future sales) will come from 20% of your current customers (source: Gartner Group and “Leading on the Edge of Chaos”, Emmet C. Murphy and Mark A. Murphy).
This is where email marketing comes in. Email marketing is simply a form of communication via email that (usually) contains a promotional message. With email, you can easily and quickly reach your audience and keep your brand in your consumers minds.

In this article I will discuss how to effecitvely avoid email spam filters and reach maximum email deliverability rates. This article will help you to send email newsletters that reach the people’s inboxes, and will help you craft your emails so that a higher percentage of people habitually open, read and react to your emails with pleasure.

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Make your Email Marketing Smarter with List Segmentation

guy segmenting his email listEmail marketing is a process from which you can benefit much more with proper list segmentation, which will in turn help you generate more revenue for your business.

One of the most important numbers in email marketing, is the size of your list. But size alone is not a metric that can predict how much sales will come from one email blast.

A lot of the times we can see people with fairly small lists doing well, and one of the things they all have in common is that they take the smart approach to segmenting their list.

When you segment your list properly, you will see benefits, no matter the size of your list. Lets discuss how to do that properly.

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Pay As You Go Pricing

If you don’t send marketing emails or newsletters often you can purchase pay as you go credits that never expire. 1 credit is good for 1 email to 1 person. Buy them as you need them and never worry about monthly billing.


Screen Shot 2014-08-19 at 2.04.38 PM


We have a new logo and we’re saying farewell to the circus theme



When we first launched Campayn we had a circus theme and the carnival style logo made more sense. We had some great illustrations but as the look and feel of our website evolved and became cleaner and more modern the logo and font style made less sense to the point where it really looked incongruent with all of our other brand elements. We just didn’t feel that it represented us, our ideas, our services and our values.

48_top_comp 45_screen_shot_2012-02-06_at_10.30.40_am 36_campayn_animated_logo2 81_sandra-error-page
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Hey Canada! Get Prepared For CASL

When I visit my sister I often don’t knock. I walk in like I own the place and just go to the fridge and start searching for a snack and some vino! My wife says it’s rude but hey, it’s my baby sis and we don’t need to go through these¬†pleasantries. Now if a stranger tried that they would quickly be met with a slightly different attitude. Being her brother I don’t need consent but others do and the way our businesses communicate electronically will have to follow some similar rules.

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New Feature – Segmentation

I remember purchasing 2 new pairs of shoes from a local shop and they asked for my email address at checkout. I don’t always give out my email address but in this case I didn’t mind and I was actually looking forward to getting their emails because I was a fan of the shoes and if there was a sale I would like to know about it.

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Email Marketing Design Tips

First impressions are everything. We often can’t help but judge someone on their dress and appearance even though we¬†know we should get to know them first. Just as our clothing can project us as cool, successful or someone who just doesn’t care what anyone thinks, so does our brand and by extension our website and email marketing campaigns.

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